Top 10 Healthy Living Rules: Wholesome Tips

Creating the life you always dreamed of requires the right mindset, good health, and dedication. Continue reading to learn these 10 healthy living rules you should live by…

Guest Post From: Chief Health

1. Eat More Plants

It’s more appealing to follow a trendy diet with tasty foods and buzzwords on everything, but really, the best thing you can do is to eat whole foods. Fruits and vegetables aren’t the sexy solution you’ve been looking for, but they’re the cornerstone of a healthy life.

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You get a healthy dose of protein, fiber, healthy fats, vitamins, nutrients, and natural sugars that won’t inflame every cell in your body. Say goodbye to empty calories that leave you craving more in half an hour.

2. Focus On Natural Beauty

Time to throw away the 20 different bottles filled with chemicals that you rub on your skin every night. Clean, natural beauty is good for more than a few reasons:

  • You know what’s going into/on your body.
  • You won’t risk a rash/inflammation from toxins.
  • You can narrow down what works and what just smells/looks nice.

A few places to start? Follow step 1 of this article. Plants have great benefits to offer your skin, hair, and bodily functions.

A complex beauty formula made in a laboratory with synthetic chemicals isn’t going to do as much “anti-aging” as you think.

While you’re at it, fix your dehydration issues. Take the time to drink the liquid that makes up 50-60% of your body – WATER. You can kiss those morning headaches and food urges goodbye.

3. Find A Workout You Like Doing And Stick To It

Stop doing the same awful workout that makes you dread going to the gym.

Everyone is different and what might be exciting for one person might not be exciting for the next. Don’t spend time doing the things you absolutely hate.

Dragging yourself to the gym with only excuses running through your mind to get out of going isn’t the way to live your life. When you finally discover a workout you enjoy, you will find yourself jumping at the chance to go to the gym.

You will be surprised how time flies and how effortless the whole process feels.


4. Eight Hours Of Sleep Needs To Be A Priority

No more staying up late watching movies and eating all the junk food in your pantry. It’s time to head to slumberville at a decent hour so you can give your body adequate time to heal and reset for the next day.

You can feel it the following day when you don’t have the proper amount of rest and it affects your relationships, work, attentiveness, and much more. Lack of sleep can also result in poor memory, low energy, and irritability.

Catch some Z’s instead of depriving yourself of what you need most – a good night’s rest. Read these 5 steps to better sleep if you need some help.

5. Don’t Be Afraid Of Weights

Hitting the weights won’t make you bulk up like everyone tells you they will (unless you want them too). In order to “bulk up,” you’d have to combine weights with a calorie surplus.

Generally, women who are trying to improve their figure and physique aren’t eating enough to bulk. People who train with weights drop more fat and keep more muscle than runners and other people who don’t exercise. Time to hit up the weight room to get the body you desire.

6. Stop Dieting

Dieting is a huge issue these days. Especially with how many exist. Paleo, Whole30, Keto, DASH, Weight Watchers, Atkins, and so many more…

They may all look great on paper but most of them are guaranteed to drive you crazy. Instead of committing to another meal plan that probably won’t last, put your focus on eating foods that make you feel good and avoid the stuff that sets you back.

It’s a lot simpler than it seems and you won’t have to stress about how many points/calories are in every bite.


7. Enjoy Junk Food (But Rarely)

Eating junk food is nice in the moment but the way you feel afterward isn’t always so great. Instead of filling up on sugar and processed foods daily, nourish your body with healthy sweet treats.

Trail mix, dark chocolate, fresh fruit with yogurt, smoothies, and chocolate-dipped strawberries are just a few options you could consider.

8. Always Take The Stairs

Taking the stairs is a perfect way to fit extra steps in your day, elevate your heart rate, and improve blood flow. It might not seem like taking the steps makes that much of a difference, but those steps add up over a lifetime.

Stair climbing can also help you burn more calories, decrease the risk of stroke, strengthen your leg muscles, and keep you far away from boring elevator music.

Plato once said, “In order for a man to succeed in life God provided two means, education and physical activity. Lack of activity destroys the good condition of every human being, while movement and methodical physical exercise can save it and preserve it.”

We think he meant: “Read a book and take the stairs.”

9. Quit The Poor Habits

Quitting bad habits makes enough sense without an explanation.

However, your life will be paved with a series of good times and bad times, and those bad times can be minimized by removing the negative habits that eat away at your health and wellbeing.

The minor decisions you make can unknowingly change the course of that path. Choosing to remove bad habits from your life can give you more time, help you build a better social life, reach your goals, improve your self-esteem, and enjoy every moment you get.

10. Think Of Health Long Term

Working on a healthy life isn’t something you can do in just one week and forget about it. It requires consistency, dedication, and patience.

It’s so easy to get caught in the moment and only think about your health when the right meme or reminder hits your timeline. Living a healthier life requires that you have an end goal in mind.

Getting stronger. Improving endurance. Dropping weight. Feeling better. All of these things take time and baby steps.

Instead of making the wrong decision right now and telling yourself “I’ll change tomorrow,” go ahead and set yourself on the right path for your future.

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