Top 10 Healthy Morning Habits For Your Daily Routine

How are you starting your day? Do you have healthy morning habits that lead to continued success? Take a look at our list of 10 healthy morning habits for your daily routine…

1. Hydrate

One of the best things you can do as soon as you wake up is to drink at least 16oz of water. It hydrates you, jumpstarts your metabolism, flushes out toxins, provides brain fuel, and can even cut calorie consumption. Do your best to drink your two glasses of water every morning.

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2. Keep Your Phone Out Of Reach

Checking your phone first thing in the morning (especially while still in bed) can hijack your morning routine and bring you an unhappy mood. Leave your phone out of reach on your dresser or in another room. This can help you from just hitting “SNOOZE” every five minutes.

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3. Stop Hitting Snooze

Yep. We said it. It’s about time you kick your snooze button habit because it might be doing more harm than good. Your brain starts to prepare your body to wake up before you are even conscious. Not doing what your brain is “telling” you to do can make you feel even groggier throughout the day. Plus, if you sleep with someone else, your snooze habit is probably driving them bonkers.

4. Make Your Bed

We sound like your parents – don’t we? Well, you really should make your bed every morning. Making your bed creates discipline and also a positive ripple effect for the rest of your day. Some days everything goes wrong, but you did something right! You made your bed, and now you get to enjoy pulling back the crisp covers and getting some shut-eye.

made bed with wooden closet doors light and flowers

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5. Stretch

Take five to ten minutes to stretch each morning to help increase your blood flow, flexibility, and range of motion of muscles and joints. Doing this simple action can reduce the risk of injury and help decrease muscle and joint soreness.

6. Exercise

Exercise itself already offers numerous benefits for your physical and emotional health. Early mornings are wonderful! The world is still, you are full of energy for the day, and it can shock you out of your morning fog. You can accomplish more in your morning than most people accomplish in an entire day.

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7. Focus On Today

Yesterday is long gone, some might say it’s history, so focus on what you can do today. Today is SO important and it is the only day you CAN control. You can start a new goal, finish a project, make a difference, and so much more. Today is your day.

8. Read Over Your Goals

Successful people have their goals lodged in their subconscious. You are the designer of your destiny and you get to decide your future. Look at your list of goals for this week, month, or year and choose to take one step towards fulfilling those goals. Do the hardest thing first and move on from there.

journal and pen filled with goals

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9. Listen To Some Good Music

Now, we don’t know what you consider “good” music, but we have made a Morning Playlist that contains upbeat songs to help wake you up. The music you enjoy can naturally release dopamine, which can increase your mood (but may decrease focus!).

10. Get Some Sunlight

The bodies natural sleep-wake cycle is contingent on sunlight, so be sure to expose yourself to a decent amount of daylight. Natural daylight can help keep your circadian rhythm in check. Try not to dim the lights inside your living or work area during the day, or keep lights extremely bright during the night.

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