Top 10 Bonus Tips To Eat Less & Feel Full + 1 Extra Tip

What you eat is important, but even healthy food can stop you from losing weight if you eat too much of it. Don’t ruin your diet by mindlessly overeating. These simple tricks can help you eat less food and feel more satisfied.

21 Tips To Eat Less And Feel Full

11. Healthy Food Turned Unhealthy

Don’t get distracted by labels that make something “healthy.” Most truly healthy foods have little to no label – fruits, vegetables and other unprocessed foods are the best to help you feel full. Health claims always tend to be on the processed junk, and research shows that people drastically underestimate calories when there are health claims on the package.

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10. Don’t Eat From The Package

Your stomach can’t count calories or measure portions. You are much more likely to lose track of how much you consume if you eat directly from the packaging. Use a plate, or your “snack bowl,” to portion out your food. (SEE TIP 3)

9. Pace Yourself

If you’re always the first one to finish your plate it might be a sign you’re chowing down too quickly. Pace yourself with those around you, observe who is eating the slowest and aim to eat at their speed or even slower. Giving your body enough time to begin the digestion process will help you feel full.

8. Focus On The Food

Take your lunch to the table and away from the TV. Challenge yourself to eat without any distractions. Researchers have found that eating in front of a TV increases food intake by 14% and talking to a friend by 18%. Doing two things at once will inhibit concentration and awareness.

7. Pistachio Effect

Working harder for your food helps you eat less of it. Researchers at Eastern Illinois University found when they gave two groups of participants pistachio nuts; the group with the nuts de-shelled consumed 211 calories on average and the other had only 125 calories. Both groups experienced the same satisfaction.

6. Main Courses In The Kitchen

Your entrĂ©e, starches and high-fat foods should remain in the kitchen. You’ll be able to linger over conversation without the temptation of grabbing more. Put plain veggies, salad or fruit on the table instead – few of us get the 5-12 produce servings a day nutritionists recommend. Following this advice could cut calories by 15-20% and help you feel full.

21 Tips To Eat Less And Feel Full

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5. Stop Clearing Dishes

One study found that volunteers ate 30% more chicken wings when bones were whisked away than when the bones were piling up in plain view. Leave the trash from muffin papers, cookies from a box, ice cream or any other high-cal food so you can be aware of how much you ate.

4. Smaller Plates And Glasses

You don’t need dinnerware fit for a giant. A normal portion looks more fitting on a smaller plate. Several studies show that everyone from kids to bartenders pour less when they’re using tall, skinny glasses than wide ones.

3. Save The Alcohol

Alcohol often makes for uninhibited eating. Enjoy a glass of wine or beer at the end of your meal. It may make you feel full, but a slight buzz can lead to more consumption.

2. Stop, Look, Listen

Don’t talk with your mouth full. Prolong your meals by putting your fork down and focusing on table talk. The conversation will allow the food to settle so you don’t scarf down your entire plate.

1. The Great Divide

Avoid overeating at restaurants by dividing what you’d like to eat and what you’d like to grab a to-go box for. With a couple swipes of the fork, you will have a pile for “now” and “later.” Grabbing a to-go container right away might seem out of place when dining with new friends.

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