Top 10 Tips To Eat Less & Feel Full

10. Chew Gum While Baking

You already know what the cookie dough or cake batter tastes like, so keep your mouth busy with strong, mint-flavored gum. Your taste buds will thank you. Bonus: Choose a sugar-free gum sweetened with xylitol-it might help fight cavity-causing bacteria.

9. Grab Some Baby Carrots To Feel Full

Beware of trying every item on your counter, this could lead to unneeded calories. Keep a bowl of baby carrots to the side – you’ll have something to munch on whenever you’re hit with cravings. Baby carrots are perfect to help you feel full.

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8. Don’t Skip Meals

Skipping needed food may leave you hungry later in the night when your resistance is lower because of drowsiness. Breakfast is usually trouble – prepare the night before or have breakfast to-go!

7. Kitchen Closed

Close the kitchen two hours before bedtime (but don’t load up on food before close!). Also, if your house has an office nook in the kitchen, only use it for cookbooks. Keep your office away from the kitchen to help keep your hands out of the pantry.

21 Tips To Eat Less And Feel Full

6. Brush Your Teeth After Dinner

Tell your brain that eating time is over by cleaning your mouth. Your brain will get the message.

5. How Are You Finishing Your Meals?

Are you finishing up mealtime by listening to internal or external cues? Your plate is removed from the table, your break is ending, or the bag of chips is empty are external cues. Internal cues are if you feel full or thirsty. Listen to internal cues to stop eating.

4. Eat An Apple

One study found that eating an apple before lunch can help you feel full and cut calories by 15 percent – thanks to the filling fiber found in apples. Pears, berries and other fruits rich in fiber should work too.


3. Keep On Snackin’

Be more mindful and find a small ball your designated “snack bowl.” Use it for whatever you decide to eat. This will adjust you to eating the same amount of food.

2. Smarter Than The Leftovers

Mindless eating mostly occurs right after dinner because it becomes a clean-up ritual. “If I eat this, I don’t have to dirty a container.” Downsize or pre-portion your cooking to avoid too many leftovers.

1. Pull Out The Slow Cooker

Another common time for mindless eating occurs between work and dinner. You’re tired, hungry and your body is craving food before your meal is ready. Have a healthy meal waiting for you by using a slow cooker. You’ll be less likely to make unhealthy choices.

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