Top 10 Pinterest Tips For A New Online Business: Part 1

1. Pinterest Spam

Be careful when pinning and sharing pins that link to spam as they can diminish your profile and brand value. Be sure you’re briefly checking the pins for clarity, quality, and if anything looks fishy about them, don’t share them at all.

2. Pinterest Boards

Create 1-3 public boards when you first start on Pinterest. Only pin to those boards until you reach around 100K monthly viewers.

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Then, you can consider creating new boards for different niches. Too many boards from the beginning can overwhelm both you and your audience.

3. Pinterest Niche

Find some people in your niche with a large following on Pinterest and take note of how/what they post. Consider following a handful of people who are doing what you would like to do.

Mimic their marketing strategies and consider hiring a freelancer to improve the quality of your profile/brand on Pinterest.

4. Pinterest Content

You don’t have to consume every piece of content you share on your Pinterest. There is no need to waste time reading each pin and the content attached to each pin.

If you believe your audience would benefit from the knowledge, go ahead and share the post. You will know for sure in a months time if your followers enjoyed the information by looking at your analytics.

5. Pinterest Patience

Throughout the week you may get a lot of saves but fewer views to your website and eCommerce website. You must remember that people are busy with their jobs and lives.

Be patient and wait until they pull your pin back up on the weekends or closer to the event they planned on using your pin for. A DIY pin for Halloween isn’t likely to drive traffic around Easter, but that doesn’t mean it won’t get saved for a later date.

6. Pinterest Sharing

You don’t have to agree with everything you share.

Heck, you don’t even have to enjoy it.

However, if it resonates with your audience and you think you will get engagements from it. Share it anyways. Obviously, you shouldn’t be sharing lies on your feed, but a little bit of something different can re-engage your followers.

7. Pinterest Pinning

Pin like no one is watching.

Pinterest’s algorithm won’t “spam” your followers like the feeds of most other social platforms. Pinning 10 times in 5 minutes won’t overload a timeline. The algorithm will deliver it at a prime time for each viewer.

Be careful not to overpin as you may get marked as spam and have to reach out to Pinterest’s support team – which is not a walk in the park.

8. Pinterest Virility

Content newly added to Pinterest won’t immediately take off.

In the beginning, many pins will take days to start receiving views and engagements, and if they don’t receive a lot of engagements, they will most likely drop off pretty quickly.

Once you’re starting to receive over 500,000 monthly viewers, your pins are a lot more likely to perform for you.

9. Pinterest Reviews

Did you know you could get reviews on your Pinterest pins?

If someone follows your advice/workout routine/recipe, they will often post a brief testimonial attached to the pin of their end result. Sometimes they will also post a picture which can help your testimonial marketing efforts.

10. Pinterest Vertical Images

Always remember that vertical images will perform better than horizontal images on Pinterest. Try to keep the width of your pins at 300 pixels and the height of the pins can be anywhere from 500-1000 pixels.

The more space you can utilize on the Pinterest feed, the more online “real estate” you have. Meaning more engagements, more clicks, and more followers.

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