Top 10 Reasons To Travel By Bike: Adventure On The Roads

If you’re a fellow bicycle aficionado, you already know all the perks of riding freely. No matter what are the weather conditions, nothing can recreate that feeling of joy and happiness when you’re paddling your way through an amazing landscape.

One of the things that you’ll learn along the way (if you decide to become predominantly a bike traveler) is that these adventures are something very few other experiences can get you.

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The nature all around the globe is truly stunningly beautiful and inspirational. That can be a reason alone to make a resolute decision about biking your way through the world.

That’s why we’ve collected 8 reasons to travel by bike. Learn why you should hop onto your two-wheeler and explore not just the things nearby, but other countries and cultures. 

Nothing Really Gives You That Much Freedom & Flexibility

Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie, or you just like to peacefully enjoy some me-time, biking is a great opportunity to fulfill both of those wishes and desires.

In case you’re all about that adrenaline rush, then make no mistake – biking is perfect for you. Especially if you opt for a route which includes many slopes.

After you’ve been struggling to get to the top, you know there’s a path that leads you all the way down. These descents/ downgrades can feel pretty amazing, and they fill you up with all those happy hormones in an instant.

And if you’re looking for something more chill and relaxing – biking offers this as well. Just make sure to pick a more steady route, without too many slopes and uphills/ downhills. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery as you slowly paddle while the gentle breeze goes through your hair and the fresh air fills out your lungs.

This sense of freedom is something that can’t be experienced that often. On top of that, biking also gives you the flexibility to explore the nearby places on your own pace. If you were to travel by any other form of transportation, you would probably miss out many of the things that are out there.

Should You Be Worried About the Safety?

Many people who aren’t that familiar with the way things go in the biking community often have a prejudice that traveling by bike is extremely dangerous and unsafe. But the reality is quite different – this can’t be much farther away from the truth.

Although biking can be regarded as rather risky, it actually isn’t more unsafe than any other form of activity. Often times people unconsciously perpetuate their preconceived notions about something, without realizing how things actually stand.

The most important thing here is to take good care of your bike before you go on a road. As far as other things, you’re not really in any more danger than you would be if you were traveling by car, bus, or an airplane.

Bad things can happen everywhere, but those aren’t exclusively connected to the fact that you chose a bike for traveling instead of something else.

8 Reasons To Travel By Bike: Trail Adventures

Embrace The Minimalist Way Of Living

When you choose to make your bike a number one transportation/ traveling vehicle (and companion along the way), you’re (sometimes unconsciously) embracing the so-called ’minimalist’ way of living, which is getting extremely popular these days.

People are slowly realizing that they actually don’t need a bunch of stuff they are (not) using every day. If you decide to travel by bike, you’ll figure out pretty soon that you can’t take all those things with you on the road.

It creates an unnecessary burden and makes your travels a lot more demanding. You need to travel light, so there’s no room for all the clothes you’d normally bring on any other kind of vacation/ travel.

The best advice here would be to take only the essentials with you. Otherwise, you’ll probably decide to ditch all the things that you aren’t using regularly.

Make a list of the most indispensable things like helmet, first-aid kit, tire patching equipment, cycling water bottles, snacks, pump, wrenches, etc. These are true life-savers in many situations and occasions, so you should definitely make them a priority over things like clothes.

Speaking of clothes, make a good plan prior to going on a travel. Calculate exactly how many pairs of underwear, socks, shirts, pants and other stuff you need. The number will probably be a little off the first time you go, but eventually, you’ll get a good grip on everything and you’ll know what to expect.

Get To Know Yourself

These solo bike trips are also a perfect opportunity to contemplate about various things and to get to know yourself better.

Not only will you get a chance to put your life into a different perspective, but you’ll also quickly learn what you’re made of in terms of the ability to endure harsh weather conditions, biking through mud, against the cold wind, etc.

You’ll put yourself in a position to toughen up a little bit, and realize that you’re stronger than you think. Being alone is also hard on some people, so if you’re one of them this can be an invaluable experience for you.

Other than that, some a-ha moments are also bound to happen. In case you need to clear up your head and figure things out, biking offers a great possibility for reflecting on things that are bothering you.


Get To Know Other People and Cultures

Getting to know yourself and solve some of your problems is great, but being in a position to meet other people and learn about different cultures is an irreplaceable and immeasurable experience.

You can meet other people and learn about their culture by traveling with any other means of transportation, but biking has a clear advantage over them.

First of all, you get into an interaction with people much easier while you’re on a bike. Secondly, oftentimes people are more curious and willing to talk to you when you’re riding a bike.

Traveling by bike is a great conversation starter, as many folks want to know where are you from and how many miles have you been riding already. Engaging in these kinds of conversations leads to people opening up, and making truly memorable friendships.

Health Benefits Shouldn’t Be Disregarded

Even if you don’t have weight problems, biking is a great option to consider. You’ll stay or become slim, but you’ll also achieve crazy fitness levels. With every extra mile you paddle, you’re getting in better shape.

At first, things can be rather challenging and you probably won’t be able to travel respectable distances. This shouldn’t worry you at all because all bike travelers face the same problems at the very beginning. Slowly but surely you’ll get to travel intervals that were outside of your wildest dreams and imagination.

And the positive outcome is that your fitness levels will only go up. 


Biking Is Also Good For the Environment

The environmental factors shouldn’t be overlooked by all means, especially in today’s day and age where the planet is in a great risk of environmental problems.

Global warming is seriously endangering the planet, and biking represents one of the ways to deal with these problems in a conscious and responsible manner.

Taking care of our surroundings should be one of the top priorities for everyone. We want future generations to also have a chance to enjoy that beautiful and breathtaking scenery as we and our predecessors did. Opting for traveling by bike literally makes the world a better place to live.

Traveling By Bike Is Inexpensive

Last, but not least – traveling by bike is arguably one of the cheapest options to consider. You’re not spending any money on gas, oil, coolants, spare parts – your body is the only fuel your bike needs and it runs on the sheer goodwill of the rider.

If there’s enough room, you can make camping your primary sleeping option. That way you won’t have to pay for motels, hostels or hotels – all of them can get rather expensive, especially if you plan on traveling for an extended period of time.

When you’re traveling by bike, people will also tend to invite you to their homes more, so you can save some more money by doing so. These encounters are often times the start of a beautiful friendship which no money in the world can buy.


Eat More Of What You Want

One hour of moderate-level cycling burns nearly 150 calories an hour, and once you’ve stopped cycling your body continues to burn excess calories to repair itself. A great way to celebrate your success and also enjoy your adventure is to indulge yourself on a feast of epic proportions

As long as you continue on your biking journey, you can easily burn off the extra calories you consume, and making your bicycling a part of your everyday hobbies can also help you shed off any additional weight you may already be carrying.

De-Stress Yourself

Not only will your fitness levels improve but exercising will also release feel-good endorphins that help relieve stress and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Cycling is the best form of exercise we can think of to unwind and relax. Just you, your bike, and the open road. Plus, biking is low intensity and won’t completely destroy your joints and bones like some other exercises will.

Enjoy the beautiful scenery around you and soak in the change.

In Summary

We gave you some of the top reasons in our opinion why traveling by bike is great. In case those grounds were convincing enough, and you end up deciding to make a bike your primary source of transportation/ travel, be sure to remember that you’re not only doing a good cause for yourself but for the others and the planet as well.

Biking is truly a selfless act that many of us should consider. It can put your mind at ease and give you an adrenaline rush.

It can also make you fit and healthy, give you the time to reflect on things and to get to know yourself better. But the true blessing is probably the fact that you can meet and greet other people and their cultures.

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