Top 10 New Hobbies For More Exciting Weekends: Part 3

1. Coffee Roasting

It doesn’t matter what kind of coffee you prefer, by roasting coffee you can try every flavor imaginable. Bold, black, light, caramel-y, or whatever you want. It takes years of training to become an expert roaster, and it means the difference between perfectly roasted coffee beans and a ruined batch.

2. Community Watch

Looking after your neighborhood and keeping suspicious activity to a minimum can help keep your friends, family, and neighbors safe. Consider joining one around your home or start your own at National Neighborhood Watch.

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Plan agendas to make sure meetings run smoothly, mix business in with socializing, meet your local law enforcement officers, and cut the crime in your area.

3. Cooking

Learning to cook is one of the most enjoyable and easy hobbies to jump into. In the beginning, you will only need to grab the cooking essentials and follow the instructions given to you. In no time you’ll know exactly what to add to every dish to make it pop and impress.

4. Dancing

Dancing starts off as a hobby and often turns into a lifestyle. You go into it only trying to learn one form or genre of dancing, and once you’ve become a master you can’t help but learn more.

Try starting off with something simple like country dancing or entertaining like swing dancing!

5. Darts

Playing darts is extremely enjoyable – especially when you get good at it. There is always a tiny bit of pressure in every game and each throw brings its own drama to the play. It’s relaxing, sociable, improves hand-eye coordination, and it’s great for your brain.

Plus, it’s absolutely affordable to play on a consistent basis, as most bars and restaurants offer it for free.

6. Dog Training

You might have trained your own dog and found it interesting, or perhaps you’ve always had a way with dogs. Whatever the case may be, training dogs is relaxing and teaches you more about communicating with animals. It can also turn from a hobby to a career with a few certifications.

7. Disc Golfing

Disc golfing is a fantastic way to get outside, take a walk in nature, and improve coordination and fitness. With every throw, you learn more about the uniqueness of each disc and how to handle your release, grip, and more. Playing 18 holes after a long day is a perfect way to release stress and start moving.

8. Drone Flying

You’ve seen the YouTube videos before – stunning ariel views of places all around the world. A drone with a Hi-Def video camera can truly show you the beauty of the world around you while enjoying a breath of fresh air outdoors. Droning requires safe flying rules combined with handling expertise that’s crafted over time.

9. Fellowship

Joining a private member club, social club, or fraternity/sorority can be a great way to meet like-minded men to share ideas with, make business deals, and hold conversations about life.

10. Fencing

Fencing is a fun hobby and a challenging sport. It’s not as dangerous as it seems and you can find a club near you to take classes and learn. It’s historic, daring, and elegant.

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