Top 10 Easy Ways To Save Money Every Day

Time to save some money! Cut your spending and stay focused on cutting expenses. Enjoy these top 10 easy ways to save money – starting now…

1. Homemade Coffee

It’s time to make a sacrifice. Say no to your buying your morning cup of joe from an expensive coffee chain. You could save an average of $3-5 a day which will definitely add up.

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2. 48-Hour Rule

Before you buy something, wait 48 hours before clicking the purchase button. You will find that more items turn out to be “wants” or  “in the moment” than actual “needs.”

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3. Quality Over Quantity

The more budget-friendly option might not be the best choice, and choosing higher quality could help out in the long run. This applies to food, clothes, electronics and a lot more. Save up and choose the best quality!

4. Focus On Goals

Stay disciplined and determined. At first, saving money might seem easy and exciting, but after a while, you may lose that spark and start spending money in other areas. Avoid steering off track by constantly checking your goals.

5. Track Progress

Saving ten dollars is better than saving nothing. Track your progress and try to increase weekly, monthly or yearly to reach the suggested 20% savings.

6. Let Go Of Social Media

It’s controlling your life more than you know it. Don’t fall victim to the “fear of missing out” phenomenon. It’s important to enjoy every moment, but balance your life so you are financially prepared for your future. Social media is slam-packed with ads looking to target you.

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7. Use Blogs And Pinterest

Going overboard at the spa? Spending way too much on home decorations? Use blogs and Pinterest to find ideas that you can do yourself. It’ll give you a fun task for the day, and you can save a couple bucks.

8. Pick Up More Hours

If you’re working more, you’ll have less time to shop and spend money. Set rules for internet use if you work a desk job that allows free-reign of your time. Stay busy and pursue a career you love.

9. Host A Potluck

Try inviting friends to bring that favorite dish instead of preparing spectacular meals every night of the week. Also, skip the restaurant extras, tip and parking by hosting the event at your home.

10. Read A Personal Finance Book

Learn about personal finance and find even more strategies to help you accomplish the financial goals in your life. The more you know, the more you can save.

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