Top 10 Foods For Six-Pack Abs + 5 Extra Foods

Washboard abs are a summer must-have if you’re hitting the beach. Maybe you’d just like to have them so you can brag a little bit. Enjoy these 15 foods to help build abs…

Top 10 Foods For Six Pack Abs

Everyone has abdominal muscles, but most people have a buffer in the way: belly fat. For your abs to show women have to reach 16-19% body fat and men have to shoot for 6-9% body fat.

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Remember, you’re not alone: the average women sits at 34% and men at 28%. The American Council on Exercise says that you can lose 1% of body fat a month while still remaining in good health. It might take a while, but abs could be in your future.

Throw these items on your shopping list:

Good Fats

1. Nuts


2. Avocado

two halves of an avocado in a white bowl on a green table mat

3. Peanut Butter


4. Olives


5. Tuna

Tuna 2

Good Protein

1. Turkey

Turkey 2.jpg

2. Fish


3. Chicken


4. Venison


5. Flank Steak


Good Carbs

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal w STRW.jpg

2. Black Beans


3. Sweet Potato


4. Quinoa


5. Blueberries

cartons of blueberries

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