Top 10 Decadent Cake Recipes To Make & Bake This Holiday Season

Cakes are perfect for holidays, special events, birthdays, and so much more! Enjoy these 10 decadent cake recipes with friends and family…

1. Cookie Butter Cake

This cookie butter cake pairs fluffy vanilla cake with a sweet cookie butter frosting and crushed speculoos cookies for some added crunch.

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From: LivForCake

2. Snickerdoodle Caramel Cake

This elegant Snickerdoodle Caramel Cake is dripping with caramel sauce and tastes like your favorite snickerdoodle cookies! Perfect for special events all year round.

From: ConfessionsOfACookBookQueen

3. Sweet Potato Cake

Transform a traditional Thanksgiving side dish into the perfect dessert with this sweet potato cake with marshmallow frosting.

From: LivForCake

4. Black & White Cake

Sometimes you don’t have to choose between chocolate and vanilla, you can have both! I took my favorite chocolate and vanilla cake recipe and combined them to make this stripy wonder. For the decoration scheme I wanted to go as preppy as possible so two tone stripes with simple dollops of alternating flavors on top. I loved the look of this cake and always think it’s nice to give guests a bit of a choice when it comes to dessert!

From: PreppyKitchen

5. Mint Chocolate Chip Cake

This Mint Chocolate Chip Cake is a mint lover’s dream! Layers of decadent chocolate cake topped with a silky mint chip buttercream.

From: LivForCake

6. Cinnamon Roll Layer Cake

This cake is an 8-inch three layer cake with each layer covered in a cinnamon glaze and completely frosted with an incredible cinnamon frosting. It’s like a cinnamon roll in the form of dessert!

From: 365DaysOfBakingAndMore

7. Chai Cake

This Chai Cake is a special treat for chai tea lovers, packed with fragrant spices and paired with a simple cream cheese frosting.

From: LivForCake

8. Apple Pie Cake

Apple Pie Cake! Layers of spice cake, vanilla buttercream, apple pie filling, and even flakey pie crust.

From: LivForCake

9. Kahlua Cake with Mocha Buttercream

This pretty Kahlua Cake is infused with coffee liqueur & espresso, and adorned with billowy mocha buttercream ruffles.

From: LivForCake

10. Peanut Butter Chocolate Cake

This peanut butter chocolate cake is pure decadence! Rich chocolatey cake layers and a silky peanut butter frosting.

From: LivForCake

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