Top 10 Restaurant-Style Salsas: Spicy Dips With Chips

Below you will find Authentic Mexican Flavors you can make and bring to your friends and family! However, there are some rather unique recipes as well… like Blueberry & Red Bell Pepper Salsa for example. Enjoy these 10 best salsa recipes…

1. Blueberry & Red Bell Pepper Salsa

Fresh summer blueberries are paired with sweet red bell pepper in this gourmet salsa recipe. Blueberry and Red Bell Pepper Salsa is a winner!

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From: TheStayAtHomeChef

2. Secret Ingredient Cilantro Lime Salsa

Cilantro lime salsa is loaded with ripe Roma tomatoes, fresh veggies, tons of flavor and a secret ingredient that will make your taste buds dance!

From: StaceyHomemaker

3. Watermelon Salsa Recipe

The watermelon salsa recipe is so fun when served from a watermelon bowl at parties! It is delicious with chips or on top of grilled chicken or salmon.

From: TheGunnySack

4. Hawaiian Salsa Recipe

5. Easy Pineapple Salsa

This Fresh and Easy Pineapple Salsa recipe only requires 6 ingredients and 15 minutes to make. It’s the perfect appetizer for your next party and would also go great on some tacos for a little crunch.

From: IsabelEats

6. Lazy Day Salsa Recipe

This perfectly scoopable Lazy Day Salsa is a classic tomato salsa that is whipped up in a flash (no chopping required). It is speckled with bits of onion, garlic, and cilantro for extra freshness. This salsa is so easy you can make it in 10 minutes (it actually takes me about 5) . The best part is, you can add it to leftover chicken, burgers, casseroles, and viola you have the perfect dinner.

From: TheSlowRoastedItalian

7. Jalapeno Cilantro Salsa

This jalapeño cilantro salsa reminds me of a chimichurri style sauce because of the combination of olive oil, garlic and herbs; even though traditional chimichurri uses finely chopped herbs.

From: What2Cook

8. Peach Salsa with Secret Ingredient

This juicy peach salsa tastes great with grilled chicken and you can also serve it with meat and fish. It will also add some wonderful flavor to wraps and sandwiches.

From: MariaUshakova

9. Smoky Guajillo Salsa

This smoky guajillo salsa recipe is deep and flavorful, full of toasted, dried guajillo chiles, garlic, and fresh tomatoes. It’s the perfect smoky salsa recipe to keep in the fridge (at all times, pretty sure) so you can put it on all the things. Inspired by my favorite local taqueria salsa, you’ll love this smoky salsa recipe, especially during warmer weather!

From: 40Aprons

10. Pineapple Salsa Recipe

This pineapple salsa recipe has a delicious combination of sweet and spicy. It can be served with grilled chicken or fish or as an appetizer with chips.

From: TheGunnySack

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